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Video Counseling
Web counseling services or online counseling is receiving counseling via the internet.  You and the Counselor are not in the same physical space as traditionally happens in face to face counseling.  Online counseling makes it possible for anyone to receive counseling regardless of their location and their access to direct services.  

Video Counseling
Through the use of a web cam and microphone you and your therapist meet from your respective locations at a prearranged time to have your therapy session.  You can see and hear each other as if you were both in the same room.  
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Is Video Counseling for You?
      • You are going through a difficult time and you want someone to talk things out with you without judgment, or hurting their feelings (spouse)
      • You are out of town, with mixed feelings and want a safe place to talk it out.
      • You are a professional with a tight schedule, in need of taking time out for a mental break
      • Your co-workers are pointing out that your are loud, uptight, getting angry easily
      • You want some one on your side, to understand what you are going through  
      • You prefer counseling that most closely resembles face to face counseling
      • You prefer to express yourself verbally rather than in text 
      • You really prefer to have a visual connection with your therapist
      • You have a high speed internet connection
      • You have a  webcam and video card 

Skype is the software used to conduct video counseling sessions.  This is free and easy to use.  If you plan to participate in video counseling and familiarize yourself with this program

Why Choose Online Counseling?

- Easily Accessible from Anywhere
- Qualified Professional Counselor
- No Long Wait for Service
- Very Convenient
- Private

Face-To-Face Counseling 

If you live Los Angeles, California area, and would prefer
face-to-face counseling, this service is available.

Please call 562-208-9021 to schedule an appointment at the following location:

628 E San Antonio Dr
Long Beach
, CA 90807

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